A Different Look at ADHD

(As shared on Decoding Your Child Facebook post on 8 August 2019)

Why does ADHD cases seem to be on the rise?

There have been causal links between trauma and ADHD. The trauma could be from violence or abuse in the family. It could even be from harsh and punitive parenting or simply neglect and lack of loving attention. Any form of prolonged stress (including emotional, psychological, physical) could also be deemed as trauma.

While it is more convenient and easier to put the blame on the child and say he/she is suffering fr ADHD and need medical intervention, it might be more helpful to take a step back to see if the child is suffering from trauma or undergoing immense stress. 

What has been deemed “normal” in our society, like tuition/enrichment classes and over-emphasis on exams, is actually extremely stressful for a child. As parents, we may think we are helping our children when we ensure their time is “well spent” on enriching activities. Unfortunately, the brain chemistry of our young ones are not equipped to handle the incessant structured activities. They need a lot of down time, to explore, to play.

So instead of blaming our children for having ADHD or trying to suppress their “condition”, it may be more helpful to see those behaviour as a manifestation of some stress or trauma that they cannot process. And then address that stress or trauma.

The article in link below is a good read:
How Childhood Trauma Could Be Mistaken for ADHD

Happy Parenting!