Decoding Your Child™ for Increased Cooperation Seminar

Thank you for your interest in Decoding Your Child™ for Increased Cooperation Seminar.

All parents dream of having their children listen to them and cooperate with them willingly. Unfortunately, most parents encounter resistance and defiance from their children, especially during the preschool and teenage years.   To ensure their children listen or do as they are told, many parents then resort to nagging, threats or corporal punishments.

What Is Decoding Your Child™ for Increased Cooperation Seminar In A Nutshell?

The 2-hour Decoding Your Child™ for Increased Cooperation Seminar is filled with insights of why children are defiant and do not listen to their parents. The Seminar also provides strategies to help parents reduce the defiance of their children and increase cooperation from the latter effectively without yelling, threats or hitting. It will include a Question and Answer Session to help parents address their queries and incorporate the ideas and strategies presented in the seminar to their parenting toolkit.

What Will Decoding Your Child™ for Increased Cooperation Seminar Do For YOU?

After the Seminar, YOU will

  • Understand what makes children not cooperate and what determines their level of cooperation
  • Gain simple strategies on how to encourage children to cooperate with you without yelling, threats or punishments
  • Learn how to re-establish communication links with your children so they will listen to you.
  • Appreciate how to build a strong connection with them so they WANT to cooperate with you.
  • Have your questions on getting your children to cooperate with you addressed.
  • Create an Increased Cooperation Plan for your family.

Final Words

Decoding Your Child™ for Increased Cooperation Seminar offers parents an insight on the defiance of their children. Parents will walk away from the seminar with a self-designed Increased Cooperation Plan for IMMEDIATE application.



“Vivian’s talk has helped me with the way I interact with my children. I notice that I now try to think twice how to respond to situations instead of reacting to them. Even my wife commented that the way I speak to my children is more patient. And this change came from just one talk.”
– Don Phua –
Manager, father of 2

“This is an important seminar because Vivian explains the importance of strengthening the emotional bank account a parent holds with his/her teen, how to do this and why this is crucial in fostering cooperation from the kids. But this is not enough – she also explains the power that words have in building the nature of this relationship. Do have a listen to this workshop too if you struggle with your kids and want to learn a different approach.”
– Tan Kay Hoon –
Mother of 2

“Thank you so very much for today’s very informative session on increasing cooperation from our children. It is very relevant as I have been having perpetual power struggles with my teenager on almost everything. I shall endeavour to offer QUALITY TIME to fortify our relationship thereby strengthening my emotional bank account. Thanks for this invaluable parenting tip. Another healthy advice is to know when to back down and to allow for questions; meaning that I must exercise patience.”
– Julie Kung –
Mother of 2