Decoding Your Child™ for Enhanced Cyber Safety for Families Seminar

What Is Decoding Your Child™ for Enhanced Cyber Safety for Families Seminar In A Nutshell?

The 3-hour Decoding Your Child™ for Enhanced Cyber Safety for Families Seminar is filled with insights on why children are addicted to the internet. The Seminar will also touch on Ms Vivian’s personal encounter of having her teenage daughter groomed online as well as the strategies she took to “save” her daughter from the clutches of the online groomer. It will include a Question and Answer Session to help parents address their queries and incorporate the ideas and strategies presented in the Seminar to their parenting toolkit, as well as help children address any queries they may have about cyber safety and cyber addiction. 

What Will Decoding Your Child™ for Enhanced Cyber Safety for FamiliesSeminar Do For PARENTS and the CHILDREN?

After the Seminar, PARENTS and CHILDREN will

  • Understand why children are addicted to the internet;
  • Know what they can do to address that addiction, either as parent or child;
  • Receive illumination on how the brain of a child works and how to reprogram the brain;
  • Learn how to keep children safe from dangers online, eg: bullying, grooming, objectionable content etc;
  • Recognise the signs of online grooming;
  • Learn how to encourage children to share what happens in their cyberworld with parents so that they can have a safer cyber experience;
  • Realisewhy parental support and guidance is critical to keep the children safe online;
  • Engage in conversation with one another on how to work together to reduce cyber addiction and increase cyber safety;
  • Have questions on cyber safety and cyber addiction addressed; and
  • Create an Enhanced Cyber Safety Plan for their family.

Final Words

Decoding Your Child™ for Enhanced Cyber Safety Seminar offers both parents and their children an insight on the dangers of cyberspace and how to keep their children safe online. Both parents and children will walk away from the seminar with a self-designed Enhanced Cyber Safety