Decoding Yourself for Success™ Teens Workshop

Thank you for your interest in Decoding Yourself for Success™ Teens Workshop!

Hi, my name is Vivian.  A quick intro on myself: Since 2001, I have researched on and learned about parenting as well as the physical, emotional and psychological development of children.

Along the way, I discovered the secret to truly helping our kids reach their fullest potential.  It is not just by sending them for programs and hoping those will change our children.  Instead, it requires 3 processes.

Firstly, it requires a process of having us, parents, understand our teens to know what is going on with them so we are in an optimal position to support their growth and development.

Secondly, it requires a process of having our children truly understand themselves so they know how to motivate themselves.

And thirdly, it requires a process of having our children understand us so they are more willing to collaborate with us.

My mission now is to share those processes with as many parents and kids as possible.

In that regard, I designed a 3-day Decoding Yourself for Success™ Teens Workshop.  It is intended for children aged 12-16 years old as well as their parents.

On the first day, the teens will spend the day with their parents participating in various activities to bond and understand one another.  They will also learn about different personality types and understand how to interact with one another.

On the second day, the teens will discover why they behave the way they do, what they can do to overcome their limitations and what their own potentials are. They will also learn the strategies for success.

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On the third day, the teens will continue learning the strategies for success and self motivation.  They will also design an action plan to achieve the goals they set.  In the evening, their parents will join them for more bonding activities so that  when they leave the workshop, parents and teens can work collaboratively towards teens’ success.

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Testimonials From The Teens

“It is important for all teens to know what you have shared.” 
– Phebe Bai, 13 years old –

“I found it more motivating than other workshops.” 
– Owen Chai, 14 years old –

“I learned how hard it is to be my parents.”
– Javier Wong, 13 years old –

Testimonials From The Parents

Decoding Yourself for Success™ Teens Workshop is a good opportunity for teens to gain a better understanding on the importance of plans, strategies, how having a plan helps to keep stress at bay. [It also helps teens learn about] taking ownership, taking the perspective of their parents and realizing that they have the potential to grow into who they want to be in the future. Definitely recommended for all parents who want to better connect with their teens.”
– Rebecca Chin, mother of 2 –

This workshop has helped me connect back with my teen. It helps remind me how it feels like being a teen.
– Laura Koh, mother of 2 –

“It helps me have a better understanding of my child and see where I can improve on my parenting style.”
– Finna Wong, mother of 1 –