Decoding Your Child™ Programs

Having researched and studied about the physical, psychological and emotional development of children since 2001, I have had the honour and privilege of speaking to many parents and sharing my knowledge with them.

Many of them have urged me to make my knowledge and expertise available to the public so that more parents can benefit.  As a result, I have created this series of Decoding Your Child™ programs.

The underlying principle to all these programs is to nurture our children with love and empathy through understanding them.

If you are looking to understand why your children behave the way they do and what you can do to help them grow and develop to their fullest potential, you will definitely want to attend these programs.

Decoding Your Teen™ for Calmer Teen Years Seminar  (2 hours)

Decoding Your Child™ for Effective Discipline Seminar (2 hours)

Decoding Your Child™ for Increased Cooperation Seminar  (2 hours)

Decoding Your Child™ For Superior Resilience Seminar (2 hours)

Decoding Your Child™ For More Loving Sibling Relationship Seminar  (2 hours)

Decoding Your Child™ For Enhanced Cyber Safety Seminar  (2 hours)

Decoding Your Child™ For A Smoother Parenting Journey  (2 hours)

Decoding Yourself for Success™ Teens Workshop (3 days)

Decoding Your Child™ 1-1 Insights Sessions (1 hour) 

Decoding Your Teen™ Parenting For Success Series (21-week sessions) (coming soon)

Decoding Your Teen™ Round Table Discussion (2.5 hours x 6 sessions) (coming soon)

Decoding Myself As A Parent™ Workshop (coming soon)

Decoding Your Preschooler™ Seminar (coming soon)


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