Decoding Your Child™ 1-1 Insights Sessions

Thank you for your interest in Decoding Your Child™ 1-1 Insights Sessions.

There are times when parents need a solution to their parenting challenges NOW. That is when 1-1 sessions will help the most. 

A quick introduction of myself.  I have spent the last 15 years learning and researching on parenting as well as the physical, emotional and psychological development of children.  I have helped many parents solve their parenting challenges. In fact, it is at the urging of many of these parents that I put together Decoding Your Child programs based on my knowledge and experience.

What Is Decoding Your Child™ 1-1 Insights Session In A Nutshell?

Each Decoding Your Child™ 1-1 Insights Session lasts 60 mins. It helps parents develop a deeper understanding of the underlying parenting problems they face. In addition, it guides parents to develop strategies that are aligned with their values and belief system so they can handle those problem congruently. Parents will also be able to assess and finetune the effectiveness of the strategies they have been using.

What Will Decoding Your Child™ 1-1 Insights Sessions Do For YOU?

At each session, YOU will

  1. Get to the root of the challenges you encounter with your child(ren);
  2. Develop the strategies to handle the challenges;
  3. Understand and empathise more deeply with the needs of your child(ren);
  4. Assess and fine tune strategies that you have been using; and
  5. Address any other concerns and queries you have with regards to decoding your child(ren).

Final Words

Decoding Your Child™ 1-1 Insights Sessions offer parents an indepth understanding of the problems they encounter with their child(ren) and more importantly, help parents develop the strategies that will work for them.


To ensure a productive Decoding Your Child™ 1-1 Insights Session, you will be requested to complete an Insights Form prior to each session. I respect your time and want to maximise your time with me formulating strategies that work for you instead of providing me with information.



“Vivian is very intuitive. Even though she was only working with my brief explanations and descriptions during the one-hour long session, she was able to size up my daughter as if she had not only met her, but spent time observing her.

The insights Vivian offered spoke right to my concerns and interpreted my daughter’s motivations for me. I found her action steps were not only concrete and accessible, but they also gave me confidence and a vision for how to move forward. 

In that one hour I spent with Vivian, I gained clarity on issues that I’d been perplexed about for years. Now I feel empowered and hopeful, and have a renewed capacity to extend the support and compassion I believe my daughter deserves from me. 

I am eager to recommend her to many friends.”
– Sara Rognstad, mother of 1 –