Hi! My name is Vivian Kwek.

I am a speaker, trainer, coach and author.

I am also a homeschooling mom of 3 and have always been passionate about parenting, education and learning.

I began researching about parenting and the development of children since 2001 and believe strongly in the importance of building strong connections with our children for the well-being and success of the children.

I believe that the children are our future and it is our responsibility to parent them well. Life would be so much easier if our children came with user manuals. Unfortunately, none of them do. It helps when we can “decode” our children and know who they are so we can guide and nurture them to the best of our ability.

When we stay connected with our children, we can speak in our softest voice and our message will still be heard. The key is to strengthen and maintain our connection.

There are so many challenges facing our children these days, like bullying, depression, and with the ease of accessibility to the internet, dangers on cyber space. In order for our children to successfully navigate these challenges, they need an adult they love and trust, an adult who is always there for them, an adult whom they can turn to. They need someone who will not judge them but be there for them. They need us, their parents.

When our children’s connection with us is strong, they can face the world and overcome any obstacles because they KNOW we have their backs.

And how do we build a strong connection? By treating them with tenderness and gentleness.

And how do we do that? By being patient with them.

And how do we remain patient with them? By accepting them, with their flaws and all.

And how do we accept them? By empathising and understanding them.

And how do we empathise and understand them? By DECODING them.

With decoding, there is understanding.
With understanding, there is empathy
With empathy, there is acceptance.
With acceptance, there is patience.
With patience, there is tenderness.
With tenderness, there is connection.
With connection, MAGIC happens.

With connection, cooperation increases.
With connection, behavioural issues reduce in frequency and intensity.
With connection, parenting becomes a breeze.

It all starts with Decoding Your Child.?

It is every parent’s wish and desire to help their children be the best that they can be. And through decoding our children, we can do just that. With a clearer understanding of our children, we will be better able to connect with them, communicate with them and help them achieve their greatest potential.

I look forward to working with you on this wondrous journey of parenting.

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